Rubber Beading/Channels

Designed to use for fitting glasses in the automotive and construction industry, this range of Rubber Beading/ Channels is made as per the national norms. From safety point of view, using rubber channels is considered excellent as it cannot be stressed enough hence eliminate chances of several injuries & accidents to people that can take place when metal sheeting or glass panes are installed. Featuring high resilience, dimensional accuracy and wear & tear resistive, our rubber products promises to remain in the same quality for years. You can also utilize this quality range for sealing windows & doors and protecting edge of the glasses. Comes in several inside leg and leg thicknesses, our range is made up of finest rubber grade.

  • Have high resistivity to abrasion and several chemicals
  • Waterproof and can be cleaned easily
  • Have high level of sound reduction ability and impressive heat, ozone & weather resistance
  • Can adopt to seal on almost any surface
Product Image (SR 03)

Rubber Beading

Special Features

  • Water proof
  • Fine finishing
  • Durability

Product Image (SR 04)

Rubber Channels

Product Attributes

  • Dimensionally precise
  • Excellent Weather Resistance
  • Better functional efficiency


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