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Bus Body Rubber beading
Bus Body Fitting Rubber is utilized to hold the glass window and cushion against impact. The best rubber is used to process this product. In buses, this rubber is utilized to hold the glass window and cushion against impact. We charge fair prices for these goods.
EPDM Rubber Beading
EPDM Rubber Profile (Beeding) completes any window trim perfectly. The beads are made to take on the form of the glasses. This can be wrapped or rolled around other materials while still being extremely resilient under a compressive stress.
Black rubber profile
Rubber Beading/Channels are designed and supplied by our skilled workers, by making use of premium grade raw materials and the latest technology. They are checked under various parameters to ensure their high working and excellent durability. 
Wheel chok
Automotive Rubber Parts are widely used. In order to meet the evolving requirements of the car industry in terms of material standards, performance, durability, and dependability, the rubber sector as a whole is currently undergoing significant challenges and change. 
4mm 5 mm U-Rubber
U-Type Rubber Profiles are used to provide a rattle-free fitting. They are used to cover the sheet metal's edges and get rid of the need for preliminary and follow-up work. Our profiles are made from superior-quality raw materials and are strong and trustworthy.
Rubber Cords
We manufacture and offer premium quality Rubber Cords while adhering to quality-focused methodologies. We offer wiper seals in a variety of sizes, both with and without metal, to satisfy our customers' various needs. In order to ensure our customers' complete happiness, we also customise the wiper seals we offer.
PVC Water Stopper Rubber Seal
Rubber seals are employed in a wide range of applications because of the various rubber compositions and characteristics. They are most frequently used to create airtight compartments, like the lid of a jam jar or your automobile door. 
Slab seal expansion joints
Bridge Bearing Pad is frequently utilized in a variety of support places, including beneath steel and precast concrete beams. This serves as dividers between the various concrete members to minimize damage and promote movement.
Neoprene rubber beading
Architectural Section Profiles are typically used in construction. Construction, architectural, and industrial profiles can all be distinguished based on their intended application. Window, door, and curtain wall frames are created using architectural profiles.
Compression Rubber seal
Expansion Joints result in a smooth riding surface and ensure that the components are unharmed. It can also be utilized to dampen vibration in piping systems and absorb contraction in cryogenic lines. 
Flocked Rubber profile
Glass Run Channels (Flocked) are used for high blood pressure and heart issues. A class of medications known as calcium channel blockers is recommended for heart conditions such as high blood pressure. By assisting blood arteries in relaxing, the drugs lower blood pressure.
Wind Shield Rubber Profiles
Wind Shield Rubber Profiles offered in a variety of sizes to meet the different needs of our customers. Additionally, we deliver this rubber profile from our end after thoroughly verifying a number of factors. This is available from us to customers at affordable prices and within the specified time frame.
Epdm co extruded Rubber Profile
Door Rubber Profiles are used to stop energy loss and weather-related damage as well as water and air leakage into residential and business doors. They are made into rubber gaskets that offer sealing and insulation as rubber profiles in standard and custom sizes.

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